2º Spanish Meeting Point. Feria del Online Information en Londres, 2-4 de diciembre 08

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Como recientemente anunciamos en la nota publicada el 5 de septiembre “EPI organiza el 2º Spanish Meeting Point en la Online Information Conference de Londres (2-4 dic. 2008)”.

Los preparativos para la 2ª edición del Spanish Meeting Point ya están a punto. Este año los patrocinadores del stand son:

EXIT ThinkEpi Universidad Politécnica de Valencia CINDOC-CSIC El Profesional de la Informacion Doc6 FECYT Masmedios EBSCO Information Services CIEPI

Este es el press release que hemos preparado:

Participants of the Spanish Meeting Point

This year, the Spanish Meeting Point consists of the following companies and institutions:

Doc6 is celebrating its 20th anniversary as an established reference company in Spain for its capacity of integrating consultancy services and information, documentation and knowledge management.

Doc6 implements the OCLC solutions (CONTENTdm; QuestionPoint, WorldCat, etc.) as well as LexisNexis, RefWorks and Springer.

Víctor Chavigné, vchavigne@doc6.es

MASmedios offers innovative solutions to specific client needs, unifying the latest information technologies with design centred on accessability and the user.

MASmedios includes, among other services, consultancy, implementation and development of Open Source software library management, customisation and design of Opacs, Library 2.0 extensions and services.

Nuria Lloret (director), nlloret@masmedios.com
Alicia Sellés, alicia@masmedios.com

FECYT (Spanish Science and Technology Foundation)
The Spanish Science and Technology Foundation (FECYT) is a transverse strategic operator for the Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN). The creation of a social environment based more on science, innovation and entrepreneurship is one of MICINN’s tasks to which the FECYT contributes the most value. In this context it makes sense to consolidate the structures created for raising awareness of science and innovation among citizens, operating in networks and supporting and promoting influential content.

In the immediate future, the activities of the FECYT will be based around six strategic lines of action:

• The State Observatory for Innovation and Knowledge.
• The reverse technology transfer program (INNOCASH).
• Support for R&D+i internationalisation.
• Communication and dissemination of science and innovation.
• The integrated acquisition of scientific information.
• Fundamental support services for MICINN.


Cecilia Cabello (director), cecilia.cabello@muncyt.es
Cristina González-Copeiro del Villar, cristina.gomez@fecyt.es
Aurelia Andrés, aurelia.andres@fecyt.es

The Institute for Informational Studies on Science and Technology (IEDCYT – Instituto de Estudios Documentales en Ciencia y Tecnología) belongs to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC – Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas). Its main aim is to analyse, disseminate and promote scientific information in all areas of knowledge.

Since 1971 CSIC has been producing the following three bibliographic databases, compiling references of mainly articles published in Spanish journals in all fields of knowledge, following the UNESCO guidelines published by the General Information Programme.

• ICYT: database on Science and Technology
• ISOC: database on Social Sciences and Humanities
• IME: database on Health Sciences

Currently the CSIC databases include 3,642 periodical publications published in Spain, 2,178 of them in print, totalling a volume of more than one million records.

Carmen Urdín (Head of the ICYT Database), curdin@cindoc.csic.es
Teresa Abejón (Head of the ISOC Database), teresa.abejon@cchs.csic.es

International Centre for the Research of Strategy and Information Prospective (CIEPI – Centro Internacional para la Investigación en Estrategia y Prospectiva de la Información) is a project by the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV – Universidad Politécnica de Valencia) and other institutions.

CIEPI’s objective is to study the situation, trends and evolution of information, its techniques, processes, management, as well as the roles of its professionals. It is aimed at general research, but initially it specifically addressed the preservation of digital information, and the normalisation, evaluation and visibility of science and e-science, paying special attention to its social aspects.

Antonia Ferrer, anfersa@har.upv.es
Fernanda Peset, mpesetm@upv.es

EBSCO Information Services
EBSCO Information Services provides e-journal, e-book, and e-journal package and print subscriptions, e-resource management tools, full-text and secondary databases, and related services for all types of libraries, research organizations and corporations.

Their products include: EBSCONET, EBSCOhost, EBSCO A-to-Z, LinkSource, ScholarlyStats and WebFeat.

Mariano Martín, marianom@ebscohost.com
Rosa Carrillo, RCarrillo@ebsco.com

EPI is a small publisher, but well established and influential in the Library and Information field in Spain. As well as organising the Spanish Meeting Point, EPI SCP is involved in international projects such as:
Directorio Exit (Directory of Experts in Information Handling):
IraLIS (System for standarisation of Spanish author names)

EPI’s publications are:
El Profesional de la Información (Scientific journal on LIS)
El Profesional de la Información (1992-) is the leading scientific and professional journal in the Spanish speaking LIS field, indexed by Thomson ISI and Scopus, among others.
Anuario ThinkEPI (Yearbook on LIS)
Anuario ThinkEPI compiles notes on trends analysis and the last twelve months’ headline news in the LIS field, all of these written, contextualised, and evaluated by 45 of the top professionals in this field (ThinkEPI think tank group)

Tomàs Baiget (director), baiget@sarenet.es
Clara Baiget, suscripciones@elprofesionaldelainformacion.com

Presentation Timetable:

Tuesday 2nd December 2008

12:00 – 13:00 h

E-LIS: Archivo central de datos sobre biblioteconomía y documentación. Perspectivas a corto plazo
Central repository on library and information science. Short term perspectives
Antonia Ferrer

IRALIS: International Registry for Authors – Links to Identify Scientists. Beneficios para los investigadores y académicos españoles
Benefits for Spanish scholars and academia
Fernanda Peset

Wednesday 3rd December 2008

10:30 – 11:00

Biblioteca 2.0, Gestores de bibliotecas y servicios en Open Access
Library 2.0, Library Management Systems and Open Access Services
Nuria Lloret, Alicia Selles

11:00 – 11:45

La nueva estrategia de FECYT y MICINN: retos de futuro
New strategy of FECYT and MICINN: challenges for the future
Cecilia Cabello, Cristina González-Copeiro del Villar, Aurelia Andrés

12:00 – 12:45

Bases de datos del CSIC Databases. Revistas científicas españolas
CSIC Databases. Spanish scientific journals
Carmen Urdín, Teresa Abejón

13:00 – 13:30

Doc6, 20 años al servicio de los profesionales de la información. Perspectivas de futuro
20 years working for information professionals. Future trends
Víctor Chavigné

15:00 – 16:00

La web semántica en el Sistema Público de la Sanidad: adaptando los contenidos a las necesidades de los ciudadanos.
The semantic web in the Spanish Public Health System: adapting contents to citizens needs.
Mª Trini Bullejos de la Higuera; Camila Higueras Callejón; María del Mar Rodriguez-Del-Águila; Liz Alfonso Méndez; Eduardo Peis Redondo

16:00 – 17:00

Presentación de los productos EBSCO Information Services, en especial libros electrónicos.
Presentation of EBSCO’s products, paying special attention to e-books.
Mariano Martín

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EPI organiza el 2º Spanish Meeting Point en la Online Information Conference de Londres (2-4 dic. 2008)

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