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Mayo-junio de 2020, vol. 29, núm. 3
Relaciones públicas / Public relations

Exploring the linkages among transparent communication, relational satisfaction and trust, and information sharing on social media in problematic situations

Yuan Wang

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Abstract: Grounded in the framework of the relationship management theory, this study examined the effects of employees’ perceived transparent communication on their relational trust and satisfaction with their organization and how the relational perceptions influenced their information sharing on social media in problematic situations. This study conducted a national survey of 449 employees working for large organizations in the United States. It found that employees’ transparent communication with their organization positively influenced their relational satisfaction and trust. Employees who trusted their organization were more likely to share positive information about organizational problems on social media. The theoretical and practical implications of this study are discussed.

Keywords: Organization-employee relationships; Relational satisfaction; Relational trust; Social media; Social networks; Information sharing on social media; Transparent communication.