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Septiembre-octubre de 2019, vol. 28, núm. 5
Comunicación organizacional / Organizational communication

An approach to the implementation of neuromarketing techniques by European private TV broadcasters

Verónica Crespo-Pereira; Pilar García-Soidán; Valentín-Alejandro Martínez-Fernández

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Abstract: Changes on media context urge companies to adopt alternative and innovative strategies for decision-making regarding audience’s habits and preferences. In this respect, the neuroscience methodology provides an appealing option to analyze consumers’ viewing experience. This paper aims to determine the impact of neuromarketing on TV channels for the latter purpose, through an in-depth review and a survey addressed to analyze the use of this methodology by European private broadcasters. The results achieved point to the potential of neuromarketing to improve efficacy of linear and non-linear TV commercial spaces, as well as to design television contents and to optimize the impact of social TV and multiscreen viewing.

Keywords: Neuromarketing; Private broadcasters; Television; Entertainment industry; Neuroscience; Europe; Media; Audience; Habits; Consumers; Strategies; Decision making; Impact; Optimization.