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Enero-febrero de 2019, vol. 28, núm. 1
Número multidisciplinar de Información y Comunicación

Off-page SEO and link building: General strategies and authority transfer in the digital news media

Carlos Lopezosa, Lluís Codina, Carlos Gonzalo-Penela

This article is available in open access

Abstract: In recent years, a number of digital news media outlets have begun to include paid links in their content. This study seeks to identify and analyse this content whose sole purpose is to improve the website authority of the advertisers and their search engine rankings. To do so, it employs two basic methodologies: first, it undertakes a systematic review of off-page SEO practices, the digital press and native advertising; and, second, it reports a case study based on the identification and analysis of 150 news items that contain specially commissioned links resulting from a commercial transaction. The study provides evidence of a new revenue stream for the digital news media, one that is not clearly disclosed and which is based on the sale of links. The article includes a discussion of the case study findings, and presents future guidelines for the use of paid links based on the emerging concept of ‘native advertising’.

Keywords: Digital news media; Online journalism; Digital journalism; SEO; Off-page SEO; Web positioning; Link building; Native advertising; Journalism ethics.