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Enero-febrero de 2019, vol. 28, núm. 1
Número multidisciplinar de Información y Comunicación

Digital journalism: 25 years of research. Review article

Ramón Salaverría

This article is available in open access

Abstract: In 1994, the first web online media outlets were introduced in several countries around the world. Twenty-five years later, digital or online journalism is a confirmed reality and common practice in professional and academic circles. Based on an extensive bibliographic review, this article examines the main areas of academic research related to digital media at the global level in the last quarter of a century. It shows the lines of research on the history of journalism on the Internet, the forms of digital media, their languages and economic challenges. It also reviews the most widespread research theories and methods. The analysis confirms that research on digital journalism is a strong, ongoing discipline, despite the fact that several methodological and thematic challenges will need to be addressed in the next few years.

Keywords: Journalism; Digital journalism; Digital media; Academic research; Communication theory; Research methods; History of communication; Review article.